Signs That You Are Not Ready to Become a Scientist

Shanhu Lee

Published in The Oracle, 2022

You are a not big fan of mathematics because numbers give you a headache and you cannot stand them. You do not see the difference between zero and infinite, because they both are invisible.

You have a seizure if you work in the lab. You have strong allergies to PPE, such as lab-coat, vinyl gloves, and facial shields. You have a panic attack if you are near a high-precision scientific instrument. 

Getting up early makes you feel nausea and puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. You never work in the evening or during the weekend, because you have many interesting hobbies to pursue. 

You never carry a notebook with you because you can remember everything in your head. You never use a pen and when you must take a note, you take a picture with your smartphone. The picture will be stored in the Cloud, which is far more secure than making a note on a piece of paper that will disappear sooner or later.

You are not good at working with people or in a team; most of the people around you are incompetent or lazy or annoying. 

You cannot work independently, because you cannot stand being lonely. 

You don’t like to give presentations in front of the crowd because you are too introverted or too shy. You cannot listen to someone’s presentations, because you constantly fall asleep.

You like glamour and high life. You wear a tie and three-piece suits every day at work. You cannot make your hands dirty, because you have to keep your freshly manicured nails intact.

You believe you can do many things, but you do not have a will to finish what you plan to do or you do not like to put long hours on the same project.

You never trust your intuition, because you are a deep thinker. 

You are not good at logic, because you tend to make decisions by solely relying on your intuition.

You believe Einstein is the founder of a good bagel store.

You do not like to mingle with other scientists at the conference, because you don’t know anyone and it’s too uncomfortable to make conversations with strangers.

You are not competitive at all, because you are a laidback easy-going dude. It never bothers you when you find out someone just published a new work with the same idea that you have been working on.

You do not know what is Science or Nature magazine. 

When you have to read a paper, you “find” or “search” the word that you are interested in and only read that line.

You are not good at working under a stressed schedule, and you have to work on your term by taking time.

You are not a curious person. For your entire life, you have been frightened by unknowns and uncertainties.

You never feel any sensation when you see a picture of the space or an exotic animal or a rare plant. You are not interested in anything that is not relevant to your everyday life.

You do not believe in publication because if your work is good and original, it will speak by itself and one day, someone will contact you and inquire about your scientific findings.

You are too stubborn and not flexible at all. 

You are not stubborn, and you tend to easily give up your project if it does not work out instantly.

You are against becoming famous or being well-known, because you are not interested in that kind of superficial external stuff. You are way better than that.

You cannot stand being rejected.


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