Springtime for Aspen

Featured at Rattle Poetry Podcast on April 3, 2022 (at 1:49)

Shanhu Lee


Aspen is my favorite opera singer;

barking at the postman, every day. 

Chasing after chipmunks, like a rocket.

Digging my garden, like mining diamonds,

excessively and tirelessly. Aspen is my best

friend. Faithful and honorable; cheerful and

grateful; curious and patient. Funny and

hilarious. Like Chaplin. Intelligent and

insightful. Aspen is a genius. What a 

joy to live with Aspen. Aspen is a 

kick-ass dog. Aspen has the best life. A new   

leash on life; a new light in my life. What a 

miracle that Aspen decided to live with me.

Napping all day; dreaming of long walks.

Obedient, but thinking out of the box. Wild and

precious life – Aspen reminds me of this

quote on The Summer Day. Restless,

relentless, and resilient. Aspen is my 

sweet baby. Aspen is the definition of love.

Thoughtful and wise, like grandma. Aspen has

unique markings, she looks like a cow. Aspen is more

virtuous than people. If all humans behave like Aspen,

we will have no war, no homophobia, no

xenophobia, no Facebook. Year after

year, we will only have a peaceful and

zestful life; enjoying the little things, like Aspen. 


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