A Psycho Killer

Featured at Rattle Poetry Podcast on May 27, 2022 (at 1:59)

Shanhu Lee

Bobby was my psycho boyfriend. Bobby-psycho boyfriend

Created tons of life headaches for me. A rocket-scientist who

Designed fancy sensors for NASA and flew on

ER-2 and WB-57. But in real life, Bobby was a

Fucking liar. A world-class

Giant liar. We met in a hanger in

Houston. He was lanky and funny, I was short and

Ignorant. I was 38-year old, I was ready to

Jump into a relationship and have a baby, ASAP.

Kidding? No. biological clock, ticking. We started a

Long-distance relationship between Colorado and

Massachusetts. Bobby was committed. As soon as I

Noticed, Bobby already moved to Boulder, leaving his

Old wife, Barbara, and a 9-year-old son, Chris, his sweet

Precious boy in Boston. But everything

Quickly became rotten. We fought all the time,

Really, for everything. Why do you behave always

Suspiciously? Why do you disappear suddenly? Even on

Thanksgiving and Christmas? Bobby gave me this

Ugly little ring, when I said, c’est fini, on the

Valentine’s day. So we planned an intimate

Wedding on the third of April, on his Birthday. As I had

eXpected, Bobby evaporated on April Fool’s Day.

You know what? Six years later, I received a letter with a Boston

Zip-code. From Barbara: Bobby’s ex-, current, and only wife.


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