Garden Ghazal

Shanhhu Lee

Someone told me it is a native dogwood that blooms in my garden.

White flowers on bare branches spread like clouds in my garden.

Sometimes I wonder about mother, who’s never visited me in America:

Would she plant azalea, zinnia, cosmos, or her favorite rose, in my garden?

I used to dress up in a blue yukata with a big yellow dragonfly print for Matsuri.

I think of Thomas when the Japanese cherry blossom blooms in my garden.

Forsythia, magnolia, hydrangea, camellia, Dahlia, and Forget me not,

when I moved out from Ohio, all I missed was the flowers in my garden.

Butterfly, rabbit, chipmunk, goldfinch, hummingbird. I heard

bluebird is the symbol of happiness. I have bluebirds too in my garden.

Shanhu, you are a master gardener. I converse with mother in the garden.


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