Cadaver Note

Shanhu Lee

This poem was featured in Rattle videocast (at 1:35).


Robert Durst confessed he is a serial killer.

He felt he had to. For almost forty years,

he evaded the laws and escaped from justice.

Cadaver, he wrote along with Susan’s address,

sent an anonymous letter to the Beverly Hill police.

So he confessed he is a serial killer.

That is the letter only the killer could’ve written,

he declared in the Jinx documentary. What a smart ass.

He believed he could evade the laws.

But he could not tell the difference in handwritings

of the cadaver note and his letter to Susan.

Robert Durst is a passionate serial killer.

Beverley, misspelled in both letters,

denied he killed his best friend.

He thought he could evade the laws again.

Born into filthy rich, little poor Mama’s boy:

killed his wife, chopped his neighbor’s body.

What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.

So, how did he evade the laws all these years?


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