Double Standard

Shanhu Lee

God will bless you if you are a male professor;

And when you had a new baby, your Chair

will reduce your teaching load and encourage

you to do only minimum service and research.

Even it is your third baby in four years,

Everyone will send you gifts, more than you need.

It is strange to see how much support you need

for a man. But if you are a female professor,

even this is your first baby at the age of 40-years,

you will be annoyed by everyone, and the Chair

may believe your productivity of research

is reduced. He is hesitant to encourage

you to have another baby; he wants to encourage

you to balance between your family needs

and your dedication to students and research.

After all, you are a tenure-track assistant professor,

you need the support of the Chair,

Even you have worked like a dog for six years.

If you are a man, you always have so many years

ahead for your future, and we will encourage

to expand your horizon. Soon, you will become Chair

even you married your student, because we need

someone who knows students as a professor,

to direct us for innovative teaching and research.

A woman professor seems to struggle with research,

Even she did extensive postdoctoral work for five years.

We will wonder how she got an assistant professor

position. Her parents did not encourage

her to take a more responsible position than she needed,

or her husband wanted. The new Chair

who did not publish anything because of his Chair’s

duties, will become Vice President of Research;

God has been blessing him. He will need

to show his support to female faculty for many years.

It is his responsibility to encourage

them to become a happy and successful professor.


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